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Guesthouse Nodoka kitchen image

Room details

1st floor (39㎡)

Entrance dining kitchen toilet bathroom dressing room washroom

2nd floor, 31 sqm (approx 334 sqft)

Bedroom (max 6 people), semi-double bed x 2, futon x 4 on raised tatami-mat floor


Wi-Fi, parking space x 1

Washing machine, dryer

Air conditioning, air purifier, humidifier

TV, hair dryer



conditioner body soap, toothbrush

bath towel, hand towel

Pajama (unisex, one size)


Refrigerator Microwave

Toaster oven

electric rice cooker electric pot

Pots, frying pans, cutting boards, knives, etc.


Plate, rice bowl, glass, cup, chopsticks, cutlery, etc.


Soy sauce (dark & light), sugar, salt, pepper, oil

Refrigerator, microwave
Toaster oven
Rice cooker, electric tea pot
 Pan, frying pan, cutting board, kitchen knife, etc.
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